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Nicholas has the rare ability in a coach to enter into a very quiet receptive state, and stay there in full concentration.  It is his inner stillness that enables me to know that what I’m investigating is landing at a deep level. And then he comes up with THE key question or insight that shifts my entire perspective...

Scilla Elworthy, author of The Business Plan for Peace, co-founder Rising Women Rising World, three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee 

I've asked Nicholas to teach in every major leadership development program I run at the IMD Business School and elsewhere. Why? Because I've never seen anyone have a more sustainable, transformational impact on leaders than he does. He's simply the best.

Michael Watkins, author of The First 90 Days and Professor of Leadership at IMD

As I lead my 65,000 employees through a period of transformative change, Nicholas has enabled me to discover new sources of personal and professional bandwidth and 

been instrumental in significantly advancing my leadership effectiveness. The bottom line? I

could not recommend Nicholas any more highly.


Eugene Woods, President and Chief Executive Officer, 

Carolinas HealthCare System

Home: Inner_about

Classes will cover the following topics:

  1. Vertical and Horizontal alignment

  2. Understanding the emotional and energetic structure of the human being

  3. Distinguishing thought and feeling, narrative and energetic process

  4. Creating safe space and unconditional inclusion

  5. Attuning your nervous system so as to ‘receive’ your client at more and more subtle levels

  6. The importance of regulation functions such as numbness and disassociation

  7. Opening to the ‘whisper’ of a client’s higher potential

  8. Recognising and working with intergenerational streams and energy fields

  9. Deeper levels of mindfulness and spacious awareness, and leading meditations

  10. Higher functions and gateways to higher levels of insight and innovation

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Course Format:


6  3-hour online classes

With the user-friendly Zoom video platform


Each class will comprise:


  • Theoretical input from Nicholas

  • Q&A

  • Practice in groups of 2 or 3, with supervision from Nicholas where appropriate

  • Coaching with Nicholas



Class dates 2022:


October 11th and 25th, November 8th and 22nd, December 6th and 20th


at 2.00pm UK, 3.00pm CET, 6.00am PT, 9.00am EC, 9.00pm Singapore

All classes will be recorded and video/audio posted on the course website within three days of the class

In the experience of previous participants, missing 1-2 live classes is OK as you can review the recording.

Between classes participants will be invited to:


  • Meet virtually in 2's or 3's to practice with each other

  • Review the recording of the teaching parts of the classes

  • Commit to regular meditation practice

  • Keep a journal related to the course

  • Submit questions to Nicholas

  • Participate in a private online community group to share reflections and experiences.





Recognition - Integration - Restoration


A three-month online course
Nicholas Janni

In this course you will learn the core principles and practices of Transformational Coaching



Transformational Coaching allows you to engage with clients in a process of profound development and reconnection that restores alignment with purpose, recovery of relational capacity, and the unfolding of highest potential, personal and professional. 


Through this course you will:


  • Gain a new understanding of the multi-level composition of the human being, the impact of childhood and intergenerational patterning and how precise work with energy is the vehicle for the deepest transformation.

  • See how to apply this work in the corporate world.


  • Learn and practice new competencies of spacious awareness, and unconditional Presence.


  • Discover what it means to ‘listen with your whole body’ and to align yourself fully with a client’s inner processes.


  • Deepen your own healing/integration journey.

  • Understand the power of meditation as a coaching discipline and take your own meditation practice to a new level.



These processes and competencies will allow you to hold the space for, stimulate and guide fundamental changes in the energetic core of a person’s body-mind matrix.

Mountain Lake

We will develop two fundamental alignments/capabilities:


  • The ability to work from a spacious level of awareness that transcends the five senses. This opens an unconditional presence – a warm, safe holding, with deep listening and highly refined receptivity. We will call this Vertical alignment


  • Synchronizing your nervous system more and more precisely with the energetic and emotional interior of your client, so that you feel every part of them, past, present and future, with increasingly refined precision. We will call this Horizontal alignment.

It is the combination of these alignments that enable the journey of Recognition – Integration – Restoration

Recognition – Seeing, articulating and aligning with the precise composition and energetic/emotional layers of the client, including and beyond all the stories and interpretations s/he may bring


Integration – Holding the space for the client to feel what has not been possible to feel before, thus integrating previously frozen layers of emotion/energy, including intergenerational layers.


Restoration – Recovery of innate Belonging, of authentic relational capacity and of connectedness to all levels of life, including purpose, meaning and expression

Watch a coaching demonstration + 


Listen to a podcast about Transformational Coaching

Cost of course: $1250

(+ VAT $250 if paid from a private account, zero VAT if paid from a business account)

The course will be limited to 24 participants in order to maximise individual learning


Feedback from previous participants


I have invested in many incredible trainings over the years and this course created the deepest, simplest and most profound changes.


Superb; he embodies what he is teaching

This is truly the most transformative coaching training I have ever experienced. 

I can't recommend Nicholas Janni's Transformational Coaching course highly enough. It's had a profound impact on the work as I do as a coach, and who I am as a person. The course has opened up new and expansive avenues of coaching, that have completely shifted how I approach my work and my life.

A deep dive into the power of precise presencing ... Nicholas Janni’s work is profoundly inspirational and enlightening.


Meaningful, mystical and material shifts are a few of the words that come to mind when I reflect on what I got out of Nicholas Janni’s Transformational Coaching course. I’m forever changed and grateful to Nicholas for packaging and presenting this amazing body of work in a way that supports integration and application.


Nicholas' skillful handling of extremely sensitive feelings within individuals and a group makes for a uniquely safe and productive space for getting to the heart of nearly any question. He heals with his presence...and teaches others to do the same.


Nicholas held each one of us with profound presence, he listened deeply and taught us the meaning of transformational coaching and true restoration


I feel forever changed in the most profound way.


I feel personally very impressed by the way your instructions flew, Nicholas. having known you for so long, your personal expansion, deepening and integration was so feasible and immediately creating a heightened quality in your transmission - wow!!! 


I could feel the depth of all the work Nicholas has done and it created a field imbued with his capacity for holding and his knowledge to spring forth.


I never felt that he was out-of-integrity with the teaching - in fact, his presence was the teaching


Nicholas walks the talk...he is both present and authentic. He creates safety.


The class has been very impactful on my own process right now as I integrate years of learning and teaching of my own. I have a feeling I'll be listening and re-listening to the class audios often!


Nicholas' work is demanding and is the most integrative approach to oneself and other's I've encountered. He is compassionate and direct; a breath of higher possibilities even in the midst of pain. An investment worth making.


You have a trustworthy guide in Nicholas. His ability to attune to the nuance of my inner experience was profound and awakened aspects of myself I didn't even know were there. This has opened new possibilities for me in my professional life.


Nicholas Janni is a gifted, inspiring and still very relatable teacher and transformational coach who truly walks his talk.


I found that this course gave me the basic skills and competencies to be a transformational coach.... I feel more empowered to help people in a deep and powerful way.


Nicholas' work is much needed in the world to help us restore our connection to ourselves and each other. His perspective on supporting others is well articulated and "lived". I feel refreshed and hopeful as a result of the course

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