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The Power of Presence


Healing and Awakening  - Personal, Intergenerational and Collective 



Nicholas Janni 


February 22nd/23rd 2020, New York



In this work we build a deeply open and attuned field of Presence together. This allows us to make contact with frozen parts of our individual, ancestral and collective structures.These structures are embedded in our lives and in our culture. Even if we know about some of them cognitively, we are generally unaware of the full nature and energetic impact of their existence – the most fundamental one of which is our experience of ourselves as Separate from each other and from the world.


This cutting-edge approach integrates timeless spiritual wisdom with modern body/mind psychology. 

By creating a safe and precise relational space we open the possibility of turning towards and viscerally feeling these parts, thus allowing deep processes of Healing and Restoration to occur – a repairing of our fragmentation, and a coming home to our fullest and highest potentials of body, heart mind and soul.


Fully including the personal, while expanding our work into intergenerational and collective domains is a powerful and timely step for our times.



During the weekend we will practice:


  • Presencing with precision and what is happening inside us, physically, emotionally and mentally

  • Deepening our listening and attunement to each other

  • Moving and breathing exercises to deepen our embodiment

  • Developing a spacious, meditative awareness as an essential ground for this work

  • Tuning in to ancestral streams in ways that allow the possibility of intergenerational healing

  • Creating a strong enough personal and group vessel to turn towards some of the collective traumas and imprints we are embedded in, in ways that contribute to Healing and Restoration.


                                                     Watch a short video about the work:











By attending this workshop, you can expect:


  • Breakthrough healing and awakening experiences

  • Transformational insights and perspectives on the composition of life, who we are, how we function and on the nature of healing and awakening

  • Simple and powerful practices to embed the learnings in your everyday personal and professional life













DATE: February 22nd/23rd 2020

VENUE: The Open Centre, 22 E. 30th Street, NY 10016

TIMES: 10.00am to 6.00pm each day

COST: $275 up until January 31st. $300 thereafter





Nicholas Janni

                                                  Ever since a life-changing awakening at age 16, Nicholas has devoted                                                      his life to the development of consciousness and to healing. In his                                                          first career he was a theatre director. He taught acting at The Royal                                                        Academy of Dramatic Art in London and directed his own theatre                                                            company. He has spent over 30 years researching the theory and the                                                    practice of ‘the zone’ of peak performance in art, life and work, and                                                        has studied and practiced multiple mind/body disciplines.

                                                   Over the last 20 years he has gained an international reputation for                                                      his transformational coaching and leadership development seminars.                                                    He works with organisations, NGO’s and senior leaders worldwide                                                          and teaches at the IMD Business School in Switzerland. He bridges     the worlds of creative, personal, spiritual and professional development in a uniquely powerful       relevant and accessible way. He studied intensively with modern mystic Thomas Hübl 2012-18 and leads intergenerational and collective trauma work in the UK, US, Israel and the Middle East.                                             


“A deep dive into the power of precise Presencing... Nicholas Janni’s work is profoundly inspirational and enlightening.”


“Nicholas' skilfulhandling of extremely sensitive feelings within individuals and a group makes for a uniquely safe and productive space. He heals with his presence...and teaches others to do the same.”

"Nicholas' work is much needed in the world to help us restore our connection to ourselves and each other."

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